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It's All About Balance

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

How do you find a customer that doesn't want to be found? It's a real challenge in today's world. The days are gone when a marketer had 1 newspaper, 3 or 4 local television stations and a handful of radio stations that could reach all of their customers. Today's customers are scattered over a thousand websites, new video content providers, and streaming audio they want most, when they want it. Then to add to the fun, we have social media consuming billions of hours of screen time. It can be overwhelming for businesses that are trying to do it on their own but it doesn't have to be.

To reach a customer today, it takes balance. Balance in reach (hitting a large enough sample to capture the customer in the right phase of their buying cycle) and balance in targeting (hitting the right target that best matches your best consumer). It also takes a balanced approached, combining several tactics; social, streaming, and the right traditional media. Many businesses and business owners are trying to walk a very thin line while maintaining their day job of running a business. Don't. One misstep could lead to missing that invisible customer and waste valuable resources, time and money. Hire a marketing professional to join your team or consult with a marketing firm on a regular basis. The money you spend to hire those that know how to reach a customer can cost you less than spending tens of thousands of dollars that never do.

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