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From Sales to Strategy: A New Career Path for Media Professionals

Many businesses and organizations need help with marketing, and there are lots of skilled people who aren't yet in the right job to help them. Let me explain.

I worked as a Director of Sales and in sales management for big media companies for 20+ years. During that time, we helped thousands of clients by being one part of their advertising plan, usually just selling the one product suite that my then-company had to offer. However, I would often see media sellers become very important to their clients, helping them make decisions about things that went way beyond our products. This usually happened when the client didn't have enough marketing support or needed more expertise, and the media seller truly understood marketing, really cared about the client's business, and built a strong relationship. However, there was still a barrier because we could only offer one set of products and not be truly integrated marketing partners with our clients.

Now, fast-forward to 2024 and today’s media landscape. The needs of businesses haven't changed much—many still don't have enough marketing support. But the opportunities for media sellers are getting smaller as the media world breaks into smaller pieces. Their relationships are still there, but the media products they can offer are fewer or not as useful as before. To give you an idea, think about a time not too long ago when everyone watched American Idol, you could only see NFL games on network TV, and you listened to your local radio station on your way to work. Social media, DVRs, streaming video, and more have changed that world. Being limited to just a set of products to offer is more challenging than ever before. So, what can we do?

There is a percentage of media sellers, past and present, that can make that transition from working for big media companies to becoming true marketing consultants. They just need the right chance and the right support. At Envision, we believe we can offer both. We give people who understand what I've just described an opportunity to start their own journey, keep helping clients they’ve known for years (who are now more like friends), and give them more marketing tools to help those businesses grow.

If this blog speaks to you, you might be a media professional ready for a new career path, one that allows you to use your skills and relationships to really make a difference. Envision Marketing Consultants is looking to talk with people like you. Connect with us HERE to see if this is an opportunity to do more than just offer a set of products — become part of a marketing team.

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