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Missing the Mark with Marketing Mistakes

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Understanding your audience is the foundation in any marketing plan. It influences everything from branding and messaging to the mediums used for communication. Tailoring your strategy to fit the needs and wants of your target audience can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that misses the mark.

For example, imagine a company that sells high-end watches. We will call them “Shmolex” for this story. They spend thousands on a flashy ad campaign filled with millennial slang and emojis, only to realize their primary market consists of luxury-seeking baby boomers. That's not just a marketing mishap; that's a full-on identity crisis in watch form.

Or consider the pet food brand that decided to appeal to dog owners by using a famous cat meme. The brand couldn't figure out why their "purr-fect food for your canine" slogan wasn't resonating until someone pointed out that dogs don't have nine lives to understand such a mixed message.

An even bigger marketing crime that we see on a local level is the advertiser that includes their family, usually their kids, in their messaging. I write this next line with all of the compassion of having a loving family myself…. Consumers don’t care about your kids. The number one factor that a consumer wants to know is what can you do for them, can you solve the problem that they are experiencing with your product or service, not that you have a family. Similarly, they most likely don’t care about how long you have been in business. These elements of a marketing message fall under a Vanity Principle, they make you feel good as a business owner but offer little value to move a consumer or prospect to engage with your business.

The above underscores the importance of knowing not just who your audience is, but also their behaviors, preferences, the nuances that make them tick, and making sure that you keep their needs at the center of your marketing. It's about understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach is like throwing darts with your eyes closed, you may hit the target but you will most likely miss the bullseye.

Envision Marketing Consultants excels in deciphering these audience puzzles. We believe in marketing that speaks to, not at, your audience. After all, knowing your audience is like having the cheat code to the game of marketing – and who doesn't love a good cheat code? Connect HERE if you would like to chat.

missing the target when marketing
Missed Target

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